In 2016, NABJ brought a little old skool swag to the conference by inviting the one and only Rev RUN, one-third of the famed rap group RUN DMC.  The session was sponsored by AT&T as part of the #InspiredMobility campaign and was moderated by Alfred Edmond Jr. of Black Enterprise.

Four years later it still remains one of my favorite sessions. From sharing his journey of rapper to Reverend, family life, marriage, gaining success God's way, Rev RUN told the audience of young journalists why sharing inspirational messages via social media is so important to him.

We've all seen Run's House where he's tweeting from the comforts of his bathtub, while at NABJ he was exuding that same exact scene. The only difference is he was sitting on a stool. As a student who was just tapping into the likes of journalism, this man made sharing inspirational content seem effortless.

Of course, he's a preacher, but not every one has that same boldness when it comes to displaying inspirational content on the web let alone their personal social media pages. I was already sharing inspirational posts prior to attending NABJ, but this session hyped me up to push even further.

“Be alive! See what you want! Do not lose your fascination! What you are fascinated with becomes fastened to you!”

It was these words that helped to not only solidify my purpose in life, but my career (to this day I'm still trying to figure that out). During the session an AT&T representative also revealed statistics which showed how sharing inspiration online is impacting so many lives. Being that I'm an every other day user of social media, it didn't come to me as a shock when it was said that 72% of respondents agreed that accessing inspiration online makes their world better.  Truly a session to remember.

After the session I was able to tap shoulders with the man himself (no really we tapped shoulders lol) Check it out!

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