Owner, Creative Director

I am a Houston native and proud country girl with sweet tea running through my veins. Creativity has always been a part of my DNA. 


I'm that creative who didn't go to design school or enroll in a million courses. I started with what I had, my love to create. I graduated with my BA in Communication from Prairie View A&M University and MA in Communication with a concentration in Communication for Ministry from Dallas Baptist University.


(uh·moo·nuh) Hebrew word meaning 'faith'

I launched the Emunah Creative Agency in 2019 when I realized there was no other business or company doing what I wanted to do on a freelance level. And that was to provide an array of creative services to ministry-based organizations and businesses. Keep in mind, I was in a ministry-based program, so I was hooked on the idea of sticking to this niche. Then I realized that I was only putting myself in a box. After re-working the approach and mission of my business, I took the niche service audience away and focused solely on graphic and web design because those were the strongest pillars of my business and incorporated faith in each interaction that occurred with my clients. So here we are, years later, and growing in ways that only God can take the credit. 



The Emunah Creative Agency is a faith-based design company that provides graphic + web services to help bring visions to life and leave lasting impressions through modern and classic designs. Emunah has been featured in Voyage Houston and Shoutout HTX, thanks to the support of our clients and supporters.